Our digital fitness training plans allow you to keep fit and healthy no matter where you are without needing to attend a bootcamp. Use them at home, work, or wherever suits you best.

Whilst some people thrive from training with a group of likeminded people, some don’t. Some people like to train at their own pace, at home, work or wherever they find most convenient.

That’s why we have developed a range of exercise routines that you can use without having to attend a bootcamp. Each routine will guide you through a number of exercises, over a preset number of days, to help you get the most out of them. You can take the programme at your own speed at a time to suit you, and your lifestyle.

To get you started, there is a free 5-day course called “Five Days of Fitness” which will introduce you to the type of exercise programmes we offer. If you enjoy the free exercise course, you can then purchase our other programmes to progress your fitness further.