At Total Bootcamps, we love a success story. We’re delighted to tell you about Andrew and how we have helped him in his journey to fitness.

Q: What made you join Total Bootcamps?
I joined Total Bootcamps after being recommended by a life coach to try something new and also as a new year resolution to get fitter.
I enjoy waking, and want to get back to cycling. My job as a gardener keeps me reasonably fit.

Q: Whats changed since joining us in terms of fitness & lifestyle?
My back is feeling a lot better, and I can feel my core muscles improving. Long way to go. Confidence improving as well, I now know I can try something new.

Q: Favourite thing about us?
Well run, good banter, we have a laugh but we get on with it . It’s not a chore coming to class.

Q: Favourite exercise?
The plank , slowly improving at it.

Q: Least Favourite Exercise

Q:If you could sum up Total Bootcamps in one sentence what would you say?
I’ve said it before, where were you last year? And to anyone thinking of joining a gym just don’t bother, come along and join like minded people, have a laugh! Commit, and enjoy getting fit. It won’t happen overnight so commitment to yourself, your class, and your coach is all that’s needed.